Ben’s Successful Defense!

Lots of congratulations to Ben Abts, who successfully defended his master’s thesis today!! He gave a great talk on his work on forgetting and the value of social information in foraging bumble bees. Ben was the lab’s first official Bee Czar, helping undergrads and high school students in learning to wrangle bees in experiments. He is going to finish up a small experiment now to add to his thesis, and it should make for a great paper!


Biology Research Symposium 2016

The Biology Graduate Students Association organized the annual research symposium for the department and Andreia from our lab served on the organizing committee (great job!). We had some nice talks from the lab: Matt gave the newest results from a cool foraging experiment on bees and Lynnsey gave a nice overview of her project comparing long term memory and anesthesia-resistant memory in our evolved flies. Hannah won the undergrad section of the 3 minute competition and, among other interesting prizes, got a salad shaker for the second consecutive year. Impressive. Finally, Ben and Itachi got to show off their posters to department colleagues. Nice day of science.



Powdered Flies

We annoyed some flies this week. The plan was to powder them and then track them via camera traps. Usually what happens is that flies groom all the powder off except for a bit at the top of their thorax, and then they are easily seen in a group. That did not happen with our newer evolved populations: these flies groomed everything off within 24 hours. So it is back to hand painted flies for us.

Animal Behavior Society Meeting 2016

We just got back from the Animal Behavior Society Meeting in Columbia, MO. The drive was short and the science was great. Michael, Hannah, and Lynnsey attended talks, and we had some great posters from Matt, Itachi, Christy, and Ben. Aimee gave a talk about Mellissa’s thesis work.