Undergraduate Students

We can nearly always find space for motivated undergraduates. Research options in the lab range from volunteering and BIOL4905 course credits to senior theses for the degree with distinction, the honors certificate, or the neuroscience certificate. Theses and independent research credits work best when a student can commit to two semesters or more. Applications for paid internships are usually possible twice a year. Interested students should email Dr. Dunlap to discuss options and possible research topics.

High School Students

We welcome high school students and teachers during the summer as part of the Students and Teachers as Research Scientists (STARS) program and as part of the Collaborative Laboratory Internships and Mentoring Blueprint (CLIMB) program through UMSL’s Harris Center and College of Arts and Sciences. For the time being, we are unfortunately unable to host high school student minors who are not part of formal UMSL-connected programs.

Graduate Students

The biology department of the University of Missouri- St. Louis grants both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. Doctoral student applicants need to have their complete applications in during January, with the program starting the following August. Please check the department website for the most accurate dates and information. Masters students can graduate with either a thesis or a non-thesis degree, and admissions happen on a rolling basis. You can find more information about the program here. Please contact Dr. Dunlap if you are interested in joining the graduate students in the lab. Also definitely email any of the current or former students about what it is like being a student in the lab.

At the Saint Louis Zoo in November 2021 celebrating Andreia’s defense. (from L to R: Aimee, George, Rachel, Andreia, Becky, Jeremy, and lab alum Matt)