Principal Investigator

Aimee Dec 2017Dr. Aimee Sue Dunlap

Ph.D. in Ecology, Evolution & Behavior, University of Minnesota, 2009
M.S. in Biological Sciences, Northern Arizona University, 2002
B.S., B.A. in Biology, History, & English, University of Memphis, 2000
Partial B.S. studies, University of Helsinki, 1996-98

Office: 204 Stadler

Graduate Students

Matt with BeeMatt Austin

Ph.D. Student
B.S. in Biological Sciences, University of Missouri – Columbia, 2014
Research Interests: Behavioral responses to environmental change; phenotypic plasticity; bumble bee ecology & conservation
Office: 202 Stadler

Unknown Michael Austin

M.S. Student
B.S. in Biology, University of Missouri, St. Louis, 2017
Research Interests:  evolution of learning and economics of decision making

Office: 111 Stadler


dsc02173Andreia Figueiredo

Ph.D. Student
B.S. in Biology, Universidade Federal do Maranhão, Brazil, 2014
M.B.A. in Project Management – Escola de Negocios Excellence, Brazil
Research Interests: social behavior in Hymenoptera, social information and competition, conservation
Office: 202 Stadler

piturralde2Pablo Iturralde

M.S. student, co-advised with Wendy Olivas
Bachelor in interdisciplinary studies (Chemistry, Management & Anthropology), University of Missouri, St. Louis, 2013
A.A. in business management, Miami Dade College, 2004
Research Interests: molecular and evolutionary mechanisms of cognition

Office: 111 Stadler

Jill Lee

M.S. student
B.S. in Biology, Missouri State University, 2017
Research Interests: genetics behavioral ecology


Mladen Senicar

M.S. Student
B.S. in Biology, University of Missouri, St. Louis, 2017
Research Interests: molecular mechanisms of behavior, neuroanatomy and confocal microscopy

Office: 111 Stadler

Undergraduate Students & Collaborating Graduates

Charles Blanton, fly predation in mantids

Joe Rund (graduated in Spring 2017), social networking in flies

Lynnsey Street (graduated Fall 2016), gene expression of anesthesia-resistant and long-term memory in flies

Katherine West, patch preference in flies & generalization of preference

Lab Alumni

 2013_xmas_jays_sol_cropedItachi  Mills

M.S. in 2017
B.S. in Fisheries & Wildlife, University of Minnesota- Twin Cities, 2012
Thesis: The ecology of fear: a fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) perspective


thumb_img_0099_1024Ben Abts

M.S. in 2016
B.S. in Biology, Culver-Stockton College, 2010
Thesis: Forgetting and the value of information


colorful-butterflyDr. Priya Maharaj

Ph.D. in 2016, co-advised with Godfrey Bourne
M.S. in Plant and Environmental Sciences, University of Warwick, 2011
B.Sc. in Biology, University of Guyana, 2005
Dissertation: Color-mediated foraging by pollinators: A comparative study of two passionflower butterflies at Lantana camara

9691173678024468352Mellissa Marcus

M.S. in 2016
B.S. in Biochemistry/Biotechnology, University of Missouri- St. Louis, 2012
Thesis: Experimental evolution of color preference in Drosophila melanogaster


isabel-for-webIsabel Rojas-Ferrer

M.S. in 2016
Thesis: Predicting choices in bumblebees (Bombus impatiens): learning rules and the two-armed bandit
Now a PhD student at University of Ottawa



nancy-in-parisDr. Nancy Kohn

Postdoc, 2012-2014
Now an assistant professor at Lyon College