Color Preference in Orchid Bees

Andreia and Aimee attended the first all virtual Animal Behavior Society meeting last week. It was really great to have a chance to see all the talks asynchronously, so neither of us missed anything we wanted to watch. The challenging part of the talks for everyone was fitting a presentation into only six minutes!

Andreia summed things up well:

And here is Andreia’s talk if you’d like to hear a little bit about her dissertation work on orchid bees.

On preparedness in pollination

Aimee gave a talk at the European Society of Evolutionary Biology meeting in Turku, Finland on something that she and Andreia have been working on. It was part of a really great symposium on eco-evo feedbacks in pollination. The whole symposium is on YouTube, but here’s a link to Aimee’s talk.

Let Aimee and Andreia know if you have any thoughts! Andreia is working on a manuscript on preparedness in pollination right now with Aimee, and Aimee is working on a manuscript on the evolution of preparedness with Andreia.